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Tab reordering!
I've abandoned the innacurate blog. It didn't really do anything! I also never really updated it, because it didn't really do anything. I've put the art into the /etc tab (the /etc tab serves a purpose now!) and news will be handled here. I've filled the missing tab slot with a placeholder for an archive, which I'll implement soon.
About This
I'm Sam, and this is a website! I draw a lot of comics and post them here for people to see. I am in college for engineering and spend most of my time doing miscellaneous computer, arts, and crafts projects.
Innacurate is where I put comics and art that relate to my life, featuring mostly stylized stick figures. Things like the hourly comic, and other miscelaneous auto-bio comics. Here are some other websites where I do other things:
Sam Learns Drawing - my art blog